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For the proper functioning of the site, it is sometimes necessary to place small data files, called cookies, on your device.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a short text file that a visited website sends to your browser. It allows the website to record information about your visit, remember your preferences and settings. This may make your next visit to the site easier and more efficient. Without cookies, browsing the web would be much more difficult.

Although cookies allow us to identify your computer when you repeatedly visit our website, they do not allow us to identify you personally in any way.

The IP address is used to identify a computer, which is a unique number that is assigned to a computer or other device that communicates through the Internet Protocol. Each time data is transmitted, it is necessary to know the IP address of both the sender and the recipient.

Standard web browsers support cookie management. If your browser allows the use of cookies, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies by our website.


What are cookies used for?

  • Ensuring the functionality of the website - they help to make the website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation, access to secure sections of the website, fast loading of the website content or user authentication. The website cannot function properly without processing the data necessary for this purpose.
  • Saving user preferences on the domain for the duration of the session and saving preferences across the website - increase your user comfort, stores information about your settings such as language selection, region, screen resolution, consent to the use of cookies and more.
  • Website traffic measurement - analytical cookies are used to measure website traffic and do not contain unique user identification.
  • Statistics and analysis of user behavior - used to create statistics, monitor and analyze user behavior on websites. Based on them, anonymized reports can be created, from which it is possible to trace the data subject with the help of a certain combination of the subject's personal data in internal databases.
  • Marketing - serves, for example, to increase the attractiveness of ads by choosing those that are relevant to you.


Scope Of Processing

The processing of personal data includes in particular the collection, storage, sorting, use, and deletion of personal data automatically or manually so that these activities fulfill the purpose. See: What cookies are used for?.

Data relating to your use of the website may be processed, in particular:

  • information about the device from which you are connecting to the site, such as IP address, operating system, model;
  • date and time of using the website, data on web search;
  • information about your location;
  • other information about your use of the website that may be processed if you use third party sites to cooperate with us.


Voluntary processing

Some personal data, such as cookies processed mainly for the purpose of measuring website traffic, generating statistics regarding traffic and behavior of visitors to the website, and the operation of the website, are processed based on the legitimate interest of our company.

For other purposes, such as marketing, your personal data is processed only with your consent. The provision of data for such processing is voluntary on your part, i.e. you are not obliged to provide this data to us.


Cookie Processing Time

Relational cookies are temporary files that are stored on your computer only until the end of the browser session, allow information to be stored when navigating from one website to another, and eliminate the need to re-enter certain information.

Permanent cookies are used for your easier and more convenient orientation on our website (for example, easier and faster navigation). These cookies remain in your browser's cookie for a longer period of time. The length of this period depends on the selected internet browser settings. Permanent cookies enable the transfer of information to the internet server every time you visit the website.

You can reject cookies in the settings of your internet browser, or you can set the use of only some of them. However, if you do not allow the use of cookies, some features may not work as they should.

You can find the privacy settings on your computer, where the use of cookies can be rejected or disabled, in the menu of the relevant Internet browser. You can find the settings of cookies in the most frequently used browsers on the following websites:


People To Whom Personal Data May Be Disclosed

In justified cases, we may make the personal data obtained available to other parties, such as analytical and statistical companies, such as Google Analytics.

Furthermore, your personal data may be provided on request to public authorities or bodies active in criminal proceedings, to the extent necessary and within the limits of the law.