PTC's Awareness Campaign

5. 3. 2020 15:45

The "Patients Say It For Us" awareness campaign is unique in that the stories told come from patients of all ages themselves, men and women who have been successfully treated at PTC.

Selflessly, willingly, and sincerely, our patients want to pass on their experience from treatment for all to know. They have decided to waive anonymity with the hope of helping others. They make their sincere statements their mission and message, as an expression of their gratitude to all for their lives and for winning the fight against cancer. The preparation and implementation of the campaign was undertaken by the Medea agency, whose professional approach has resulted in a number of real and immediate testimonies from patients.

"The campaign is primarily intended to be our response to hundreds of inquiries and phone calls from people, especially from smaller towns and villages, who have so far received only misleading or incomplete information about proton therapy. Thanks to patient encounters, we know that myths still exist about proton therapy, for example, that it is only for the wealthiest patients. The public does not know that people with health insurance in the Czech Republic can have their treatment covered by their insurance provider. That is why we have supported an awareness campaign to enable our patients to share their experiences with those who do not have the necessary information. We want people to know that they can turn to us in difficult life situations," says the chairman of the board of the Endowment Fund for Proton Therapy, Ing. František Francírek, Ph.D.


Why did patients choose to participate in this campaign?

"Thanks to the Foundation, I met many other patients during treatment and the patient meetings at the Proton Center. Everyone is extremely grateful that this option is available at all," says former PTC patient Simona, 52, and continues: "This is my experience. And not only mine. That's why I decided to help others with my story."

"I'm a medic, so I knew about protons a few years before," says Šárka Šteinochrová (26 years old), who underwent Hodgin's lymphoma and describes: "I didn't want to go the traditional way chosen by 99% of patients. I was looking for ways to help my body as much as possible and save it. That was the proton treatment. I would ask other patients do more research before making their decision and definitely try treatment at PTC, because if they are interested in their health, it's worth it. Our health is our only wealth that we should guard and hold."

"I'm just glad the public can learn that there's a different treatment than they've been informed about so far. I don't understand people who hesitate. You only have one health, you can't buy it back anywhere," says Jiří Roubínek (69 years old), who has successfully recovered from prostate cancer.

The Proton Therapy Center in Prague is primarily focused on the patient. We maintain an individual and human approach no matter who the patient is or where they from. The medical facility is connected with oncology centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and special teams are created for each indication. Their main task is to make a detailed and high-quality diagnosis for the patient as soon as possible and to decide on the best treatment strategy so that the maximum chance of cure is achieved. Thanks to proton therapy, it is possible to maintain the same quality of life as before treatment, thanks to very precise irradiation, which targets only the tumor and thus eliminates possible side effects and damage to healthy organs.

In six years of operation, The Proton Therapy Center has treated almost 5,000 patients from 48 countries with various oncological diagnoses. The results, and especially the specific patients, their experience of treatment, approach and quality of life after treatment, are the most convincing arguments. "Everyone has the opportunity to come to a free consultation at any time, or call the client center. They will learn from our doctors the necessary information about the possibilities that exist," concludes Veronika Galušková, Head of the Client Service Department.