PTC's Internal Rules

Dear patients,

Welcome to the Proton Therapy Center (PTC) operated by Proton Therapy Center Czech s.r.o. Thank you for the trust you have shown us by seeking out our care. We would like to help you find your way in our center and to provide you with basic information about both the center and the treatment and diagnostic examinations that we provide. We hope to make your stay at the PTC as comfortable as possible.

Our facility is a modern clinical center that uses a high-precision, efficient and gentle proton radiation method to treat patients with cancer.

The PTC is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology. All the treatment and operating processes have been defined to meet the strictest international standards and to ensure the maximum quality of treatment. Our goal is for patients to feel as good as possible during treatment and to achieve the best possible therapeutic results together.

In addition to proton therapy, we also provide diagnostic examinations (i.e. PET/CT examinations, MRI examinations, or CT scans) at the PTC. For your comfort and safety, you can also benefit from the close collaboration between our oncologists and specialists in the fields of urology and ENT, who are also very happy to take care of you at our center’s specialized outpatient facilities.

Our employees are ready to provide top-flight healthcare and to facilitate your return to an active life. You can also help by adopting a responsible approach to treatment and adhering to the rules and recommendations established by the doctors and the care staff that help in accelerating the acclimatization process and facilitate the treatment during your stay with us.


Who will take care of you at the center and how can you recognize them?

All the staff at the Proton Center are required to be visibly identified with a personal identification card. This will inform you about who is taking care of you, as well as ensuring that you are in contact with a person who is authorized to provide healthcare and services.

The personal identification cards are distinguished by a color stripe located at the bottom of the card. The individual colors indicate our employees’ job titles.

Healthcare workers and all the staff in the client service and patient care departments are also required to wear a name tag indicating the position they occupy at our center in a visible place.

The receptionists at the main oval PTC reception will take care of you as soon as you enter the PTC. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time with any general queries.

The main reception area includes a patient registration system where you can select the medical service that you have come to the Proton Center to receive. After selecting the service, take the ticket with a number, have a seat in the reception area and then wait for your number to be displayed on one of the displays for the individual receptions or examination rooms.

Please go to the 5th floor patient reception, if you have any inquiries regarding proton beam treatment. All diagnostic questions will be answered responsibly by the magnetic resonance imaging and CT reception or by the PET / CT examination reception.

Please contact the 2nd floor reception with any treatment planning queries.


The provision of information:

  • Your doctor may only provide information about your state of health to you and to the people that you have specified in the medical documentation.
  • You will be requested to submit your identity card at reception in order to ensure that you can be unequivocally identified.
  • Telephone information is only provided in emergencies. We recommend that you establish a password for the provision of information by telephone to ensure that the information we provide is protected. You can define your own password and share it with the people whom you wish the telephone information to be provided to. Enter your password into the patient’s informed consent form pertaining to the provision of medical information, which you will receive at the 5th floor reception.
  • When communicating about the provision of the healthcare services, you may communicate in a manner of your choosing that is easy for you to understand, including methods involving interpreting by a second party. The reception staff will also arrange for a sign language interpreter upon request.
  • The PTC also provides medical services, especially entry and check-up consultations, remotely in the form of video conferences (information on the course and securing of video consultations can be found on the PTC website). The video conferences always take place on the basis of an agreement between the attending physician and the patient and under the condition that the doctor considers remote access to be suitable for the given type of consultation from a medical point of view and if this type of consultation is the least risky option for the patient, for example due to an unfavorable epidemiological situation or respiratory illness.


Personal effects: 

  • You will be informed by our specialists about which personal effects you will need and what we suggest you bring with you for your examination or treatment before your visit to the PTC.


Valuables and money:

  • Please do not bring large amounts of money, jewelry, valuables or other expensive items to the PTC. If you cannot give them to your relatives or the person accompanying you, you can pass them to the attending staff for safe keeping during your visit to the PTC. If you retain possession of these items, despite the option of storing them, the PTC will bear no responsibility for them.


PTC's Internal Rules

  • In order to increase your safety, it is forbidden to carry or store weapons, ammunition and dangerous substances at the PTC. If you are still carrying a weapon despite this, it is imperative that you notify the attending staff of this fact and they will arrange for its legal storage in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and addictive and narcotic drugs is prohibited when visiting the PTC. Smoking is forbidden in all areas of the PTC. Any breach of the ban on drinking alcohol or using any other addictive substances or the doctor's recommendation not to smoke can be considered to constitute a failure to observe the individual treatment process with all the concomitant consequences.
  • Do not enter the service areas, including the areas that are used to provide medical care, without the consent of the healthcare employees. Do not handle the technical equipment and devices in the examination rooms.
  • If you have a sensory or physical disability and you use a guide or assistance dog, it may be present at the center, provided this will benefit your health. However, its presence must not violate the rights of the other patients and must be possible from an operational and technical standpoint. Your dog must be clearly identified as a guide or assistance dog (a harness, vest). You must provide for all its care and needs (bowls, feed, excrement bags).
  • In the case of dogs other than assistance and guide dogs, we only admit, stating objective reasons (eg. weather), small, quiet animals that are brought in a bag and do not leave the case throughout the patient's entire visit to the center. Other dogs and animals must remain outdoors next to a bowl of water, which will be provided by the PTC staff.
  • In case of a fire or other emergency, remain calm and follow the instructions of the attending staff.
  • If you cause any damage to the Proton Center’s equipment, you will be required to pay for it.
  • If you lose your property, contact the attending staff who will report the loss to the Police of the Czech Republic. The PTC will then use the police report as the basis for the resolution of the loss of your items.
  • Always provide the attending staff with truthful information about the current development of your state of health, any medical care provided by other providers, the use of any medicines or addictive substances, any infectious diseases and any other significant facts that are important for the provision of medical services.


Services for patients:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) internet access is available at the PTC for patients and visitors. This connection is provided free of charge. You will receive the name of the Wi-Fi connection (SSID network) at reception.
  • Please only use mobile phones in a manner which does not disturb others. Due to the potential abuse of personal information, do not use mobile phones to take pictures, film videos or share any such data on social networks.
  • We offer our clients and their family members a private relaxation room upon request. The room includes a telephone, Wi-Fi, a TV, a coffee maker and a fridge.
  • Our staffed mini bar is at your disposal to make your stay at the PTC a pleasant one. You can also borrow daily newspapers or books from our library. Thank you in advance for returning books.
  • If you are being treated at the PTC, we will provide you with a long-term permit to enter the premises of the Na Bulovce Hospital for a one-off fee of 300 CZK for 1 month. Parking in the PTC car park is free of charge. Please contact our main reception center for more information and to arrange the permit.


Thank you for respecting the Proton Therapy Center’s Internal Rules and helping us create a pleasant environment and optimal conditions for the provision of healthcare to all our patients.